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Reconsider your "report it to stop it" slogan

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This TLF advert encouraging people to report any unwanted sexual attention or assaults on public transport makes clear those things are wrong and illegal, which is great. But its slogan is "report it to stop it" - and it is aimed solely at those who get assaulted or harassed. This is a very damaging message and should never be part of an anti-assault campaign. People who survive sexual assault are not responsible for stopping it from happening again. To suggest they are is both damaging and, in structural terms, highly inaccurate. There are already responses to the video from people who feel haunted by a sense of responsibility for their attacker's future actions, and who now feel worse because they believe the message of this campaign. Those violated do not have to report sexual violations, minor or major, in order to "stop it". Those violated don't have to risk going through a system that has a low conviction rate and a high chance of causing extreme emotional stress to "stop it". Crucially, there is no evidence that doing so would "stop it".  The people being violated (mainly women) are not the problem, and reporting to the police is not the answer to sexual violations. This pressure and inaccurate weighting does horrible harm to many vulnerable people. Reporting is an option, a right, and a possible means to deal with a violation. It is also a risk for the person reporting. If you want to improve rates of reporting, the system needs to better support those who come forward - and also those who can't.

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