Reclaim our roads

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London roads are being shrank, and motorist's road space literally is being cut in half because of the relentless construction and implementation of cycle lanes.

Like me, many millions road users suffer an everyday struggle to reach our destinations, delivery vehicles, black cabs stranded left by their customers, coaches full of tourists, business people late to their meeting, all confined in one lane roads on each direction with virtually half of it taken by empty cycle lanes.

The noble purpose to create segregated spaces for cycle users, (to protect them from getting killed by construction lorries and trucks and buses), has proved to be a nightmare for the rest of London road users.

I myself personally welcomed the idea of segregated cycle lanes, when it was announced, because I believe that the tragedies of so many young people dying on the road had to be addressed. But the result of these cycle lanes on London's roads is very far from being suitable for a metropolis as busy as London.

Any person with common sense realises how  wrong the design and layout of the already finished and havoc creating cycle lanes on some of the major arteries in London really is. Take the like of the Victoria Embankment, for example, Lower and Upper Thames Street,  Parliament Square, Great George Street, Whitechapel and Mile End Road, St George's Road, and the list goes on and on. The roads are halfed with two solid line of traffic going on both direction. And half of the road empty most of the day!! And guess what? The list is only growing.

The new cycle lane north of the Hyde park!! With a massive park like the Hyde Park and Kensington Garden on the one side, what is the purpose of having a cycle lane running on Bayswater Road?? Where is the logic behind the disruption that is being created?

Why are cycle lane not put on pavements? Like on cable street or Alfred way (aka the a13). Why did the cycle lane not half both mentioned roads either?? Because it would be a disaster??? Sure it would. So why was the same not applied to the rest of the cycle lanes?? 

And to add insult to injury?? The rudeness, temper and the down right disregard for road rules of many (not all) cyclists. If anyone has any confrontation with them, they look at you like if you, the motorists, are out of place. A look that says "what are you doing with that car in the middle of the street??". And the result is fingers stuck at you,  abuse of all sorts and very easily (I witnessed it myself) your car getting kicked at, and after then disappear in the distance through the traffic with no way to identify them.  No insurance if they scratch your car, and cherry on top of the cake....they don't pay a penny to enjoy all the benefit and the space they have been given.

The issue is spiralling out of proportions and now we are faced with another self inflicted problem to address. Yes is important to segregate cycle lane, all road users safety should be paramount. But how do you actually balance a solution to suit everyone??

At the moment motorists are penalised and charged through their teeth while cyclist enjoy road space and more, without any cost. Surely a better solution must be found.

If like me you believe that cycle lanes design and location should be rethought and a fair way of taxation should be applied to cycle users as well, then join this petition, which is by no mean intended to be a war between cyclists and motorists. Rather it has the be perceived as a way of reaching a mutual solution that looks after the interest and most importantly the safety of all of us Londoners using the roads.