Prevention of Catalytic Converter Theft.

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From last few years some groups are very active in stealing catalytic converter from toyota hybrid cars. The worst thing is, Toyota has not learnt from this and continued to sell the high risk( Hybrid) cars. Catalytic converters are expensive to replace. Majority of private hire drivers are using Toyota hybrid cars. But this type of stealing has become a worry for them. Instead of understanding and helping victim Toyota Owners , Toyota is busy to charge them high amount for catalytic converter and also offering them to install Catloc worth £250 which makes stealing difficult but they can still steal it. Not sure why TFL, Police , Private hire Firms and Government are not taking any action against Toyota. Also there is nothing done to stop this type of stealing.

I also urge private hire Firms to look for better option instead of Toyota.

I am writing this because i am a fresh victim of this and i had to suffer a lot without my car.

It was horrible experience..