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More W3 buses from Alexandra Palace to Finsbury Park

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There are not enough W3 buses towards Finsbury Park Station in the morning rush hour.

People who live in the area around Ferme Park Road and surrounding streets on the below bus stops are unable to get the bus in the morning.

W3 bus towards Finsbury Park station in the morning between 7.30 - 8.40 am
Bus stop:   Weston Park
Bus stop:   Mount View Road
Bus Stop:   Ossian Road
Bus stop:   Albert Road
Bus stop:   Tollington Park  


The frequency of buses is not sufficient enough to allow the below bus stops to take passengers, due to the buses always come full, mainly not even stopping there, or just stop to let people get off and not even opening the front doors to take passengers.

In the last few months it got even worse, and it takes on average 20-30 mins to be able to get on the W3 bus, or if not possible you have to walk to the tube after wasting 30 mins waiting for the bus.

The time schedule is also contradicts as when it says 2min/3mins to the next bus you do wait, but then it takes around 10 mins in real time for the bus to arrive.

We need more buses with more frequent service. If there is no chance to add more buses to the full route, you could add a new service just for the rush hour - a bus which would be doing a short route along Ferme Park road to Finsbury Park to allow unload the burden on W3 buses, as they always get full from Northumberland Park and by half way to Finsbury Park there is no space for more passengers.

The above 5 mentioned stops are still in need of more buses as it is not a walking distance for the tube. And it is not fare that we have to pay the fare while we can not catch the bus in the morning, people get to work late 2-3 times a week as the W3 bus is unreliable at the moment and its hard to plan how long it takes you to get one.

WE NEED MORE W3 buses on FERME PARK ROAD or a new short bus route to the tube stations Finsbury Park to help people get to work. We do not feel equal to people who get the bus a few stops earlier.

Pls take some action!


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