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Make London Black Taxis Affordable

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After the much awaited deliberation of TFL regarding the decision to withheld licensing of Uber in London, it is imperative that the black taxi community take immediate action to reform themselves in order to keep companies like Uber from taking advantage of its market.

In order for the Black Taxis to redeem themselves in the eyes of the consumer, TFL need to review the rates of Black Taxis which TFL themselves have set. It is not the drivers who decide the fare as believed by the consumers who blame them for expensive fares and therefore opt on cheaper options which may be unsafe for them.

It is time that Black Taxis undergo reform to keep up with competition of the contemporary, innovative companies who are undercutting the black taxi fares by offering the cheapest rates. It is only fair that TFL allow reform of the black taxi rate so that they are not driven out of the market. Putting 25, 000 plus drivers in danger of losing their income not to mention the survival of their families who depend on them like myself. 

After speaking to many people who use the Black Taxis, they mostly complain about the pricing but want to stay loyal to the British legacy of Black Taxis. I also feel that it is quite expensive compared to other forms of transport. With the introduction of night tube and the hopper rate on buses it is vital that TFL review black taxi rate so that they are able to stay in business and keep the market safe for users. Unlike the likes of Uber, black taxi drivers go through extensive test of the Knowledge which can take as long as three to four years minimum, as well as second driving test to make sure its drivers are following the code of driving laws. Not to mention the hardship and struggles faced whilst completing the knowledge. It is only fair for the drivers of black taxi to be able to compete fairly and confidently in the transport market. TFL should also set a guide price for private hire fares as this will ensure a level playing field for both black cab drivers and private hire drivers. Let's keep London fair and safe for everybody!



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