Hands Off Finchley Central! Stop the proposed station development by TfL.

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Thank you so much for signing the petition and supporting the campaign so far. You won’t have heard from us for a while because of Covid-19, but as the world re-emerges so do the development plans for Finchley Central. You will have seen the latest response from GLA / Sadiq Khan on the 16th July to our petition, and appreciate the fight is not over.

We have been advised that Taylor Wimpey will be submitting the final planning application at the end of August or beginning of September. We don’t yet know what further revisions have been made. But we do know that they won’t go far enough and we will need your action and support when the time comes.

The Mayor’s response points to “significant reductions” in height as shown in the second consultation plans found here (https://finchleycentralconsultation.com/cgi-views-of-our-proposed-development/ Please note that these significant reductions equate to a 20-storey tower block (reduced from 27 but still too large to fit on our updated image), one 14-storey tower block, two 9-storey blocks as well as three 7-storey blocks. Add to these a row of townhouses on Station Road and a newly created road behind the houses on Dollis Park. This is TOO MUCH.

For so many reasons this will not improve the locality or benefit the residents of Finchley Central or anyone who commutes and parks at the station. We DO support development of the area but not at this scale. It does not meet the housing needs of Barnet, there are far too many units crowded into the small space, skyscrapers are totally out of character and inappropriate in a low-rise suburb, the buildings will cause a serious lack of daylight and sunlight and in any case are not environmentally friendly. The list goes on.

We’ll be in contact again when the application for planning permission is submitted and it’s time to object. You can still make a different now though, and here’s how:

1. Please continue to promote and share this petition, let’s get to 5,000 signatures and continue to raise awareness.

2. Go to Handsofffinchleycentral.com and sign up to our newsletter as another way to stay informed.  Facts and figures on the key issues and how to object are coming soon, to support your objections.

3. Write to Eva Greenspan, Head of Barnet Planning Committee (cllr.e.greenspan@barnet.gov.uk), and Dan Thomas, Council Leader (leader@barnet.gov.uk), to let them know your thoughts.

Stay safe and well and watch out for further updates.

Hands Off Finchley Central.

Hands Off Finchley Central
1 year ago