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Fairer Price Benefits on TfL Services Season Tickets; Pay for Usage only

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While we, the public, feel that prices for using the London underground networks are very costly and are continuously increasing, to some extent we understand the need for the price structures at TfL. It is helping to enhance the rail and tube networks across the capital. We are happy with the Not-For-Profit reinvestment so frequently boasted about and feel that the network IS improving, but we do also believe that there are still ways that would be mutually beneficial for TfL and Us, the users- for TfL in securing the networks' future by keeping prices the same, and for us, the daily users in rewarding us for our loyalty to opt to use The Tube/ Public Transport.

Namely, the ability to use a 7-day travel-card over a longer timescale (i.e. 5 days in this week and, assuming that one does not travel at all using that travel-card over the course of the proceeding weekend, then 2 days in the following week). It is so often the case that, though a travel-card may be beneficial/ cost-saving over the course of it's appointed period, we do not really benefit as such if say even a day is unused over a week using the travel-card, or a few days over the course of a month.

This could also be reflected respectively for monthly buyers of travel-cards (over say, a six week period, so we have a 42 day period in which we can use the 30 days allowed) or annual purchasers (over a fifteen month period, so we have a 65 week period in which we can use the 52 weeks prepaid for), whilst a weekly season ticket Oyster Card holder could use their seven days over the course of up to ten days or two weeks.

Now, an individual travelling only on the weekdays using weekly passes could save 30% which would be a huge relief, whilst TfL would generate the same amount per travel-card bought.

We feel that this is a great way for us, the public, to save money on commuting costs and a great incentive that will actually generate more interest in and/or purchases of season tickets as a whole.

Even if you drive everywhere, your support (through a quick 2 minute signature) will be much appreciated. Especially for us who choose the tube instead of driving in (to get around) every day.

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