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Enforce cyclists to comply with the same rules as motorbikes

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Cyclists in the UK should have an independant road licence to ride a bicycle on the roads.

Bicycles should not be treated any differently to any other vehichles as they can reach speeds of up to 35mph on flat roads, not to mention speeds acquired downhill which is faster than some 49cc mopeds. Therefore riders should hold valid bicycle insurance.

Bicylces should also have a means of identification by way of a numberplate with clear visibility that you can identify by the human eye within a distance of 15 metres.

All bikes must undergo an inspection annually through a regulated bike shop, issuing a safe bike certificate (MOT for bicycles).

It should be compulsory for cyclists to wear the correct safety equipment i.e reflective high visibility clothing, safety helmets, high visibility armbands for indicating when turning left or right and also the correct lighting set at the right  angles for road use.

When cyclist travel in groups they tend to cycle next to each other which prevents cars from being able to overtake, this is dangerous for both vehicles and cyclists. It should be law for them to travel individually to allow other road users to pass safely. They prevent vehicles to travel at a reasonable speed which causes traffic and tail backs.

Certain cyclist's exceed the 20 mph speed limit in some built up residential areas where there are many schools and children walking home. They should have to abide to the speed limits just like everybody else on the road.

There should also be a penalty point system put in place so cyclist's who break the laws can be penalised the same as other road users. Traffic light cameras should be able to identify each cyclist who break the law and jump a red light.

These regulations should come into place after the recent incident in which a pedestrian Mrs Kim Briggs was killed in a collision with a bicycle. See link for more information: 

These regulations will ensure innocent people that get injured or if their property was damaged they will be able to claim on the cyclists insurance. It will also keep incompetent cyclists away from the roads and will add to making the roads a safer place for drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists.

  • Bicycle Licence
  • Cyclist Insurance
  • Bicycles Identification
  • Bicycles MOT
  • Compulsory Safety Equipment 
  • Penalty Point System for Cyclists 

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