Covid-19: Make safe space to socially distance on Sutton streets

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We call on Sutton Council and Transport for London to take action to ensure that residents can walk and cycle safely during the Covid-19 crisis, by:

  • Widening space for pedestrians at pinch points such as shopping streets
  • Using temporary barriers and bollards to protect people cycling to work, high streets, schools and hospitals
  • Reducing traffic on residential streets so that people can walk in the road if they need to

People cannot keep 2m apart on narrow pavements. More people are walking and cycling for essential trips and daily exercise. Traffic levels are much reduced - freeing up road space - but the Metropolitan Police is fighting increases in extreme speeding.

We need to reallocate some road space to protect people walking and cycling and make safe space to socially distance.

Sutton should join other London boroughs, such as neighbouring Croydon in taking action immediately and in the longer term to protect public health and enable people to move around safely during lockdown and beyond.

This petition is prepared by Sutton Living Streets and Get Sutton Cycling.