They Strike Again: Hate Crimes Should Not Be Tolerated On TFL! Reprimand The Racist Islamophobe!

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They Strike Again: Hate Crimes Should Not Be Tolerated On TFL! Reprimand The Racist Islamophobe!

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We thank everyone that has signed and shared this petition allowing us to collectively achieve justice. The racist Islamophobe has been held in custody since Friday and waits her hearing tomorrow morning.

Can We Claim Victory?

The following video suggests NOT! This incident highlights the brutality, the vulgarity and the lack of consideration towards a disabled elderly Muslim man. This video personifies the attitudes adopted by some of the public towards Muslims, completely dehumanising them and offering them no respect when commuting via public transport facilities.

Some of the offensive remarks made by this particular vile ignoramus are as follows:
1. ‘I’m going to f**k your daughter and her sister ... while your wife watches...”
2. “Good Muslim init ... I’ll shove a pig’s c**k in your mouth, what’s f*****g Allah going to say?”
3. “Your wife loves this, I put it in her mouth every night while you’re working... you fucking c**t”
4. “Go back to Turkey... Your walker is going to go flying when this bus stops”
5. “Muslim? We’re in Tottenham...”
6. “Sorry folks... just another reason to vote UKIP ... Shut those borders ...Why are you here? You’re probably wanted for fiddling kids; you probably like little boys’ bum holes...” Offender leaves the bus pushing a buggy, yet throws the elderly man’s walker onto the streets and continues walking.

It is of paramount significance to note the following points:
1. This young abuser was:
a. Racially abusive – by insulting the Turkish ethnicity
b. Islamophobic – by insulting the Muslim faith and ‘Allah’
c. Ageist – did not take into consideration the man’s age
d. Had no consideration for the victim’s disability, and this was highlighted when he flung his walker onto the streets.
e. Pushing a buggy – yet again questioning the competence of such parental figures.
f. Dangerous - making endless threats

2. The bus driver did not call the authorities; neither did he remove this passenger off the bus. AGAIN, TFL has failed the public, allowing passengers to be turned into a mockery, allowing their dignities to be stripped and their identities shredded.

3. The debasing of women through the sexual connotation(s).

4. The world stood silent. Some even laughed in the background.

This video is evident of the social regression and a lack of tolerance towards Muslims specifically. This cannot and mustn’t happen again. It is upon the authorities to find this man and reprimand him duly for the profanity that exited his mouth.

TFL must teach and train their staff to not allow such demeaning and degrading behaviour to take place during the operation of their services.


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This petition had 30,867 supporters

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