Bring Back Blossom Lane Bus Shelter

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Around 4/5 months ago, a car crashed into my local bus stop, and the shelter was never replaced, instead, Transport for London decided to fill the hole in the ground with concrete. Around 2 months ago, I emailed TfL asking the reason why. Here's what they said:

I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused by the temporary removal to this shelter at Lavender Hill. I genuinely understand the ongoing inconvenience this has caused. I've looked into this for you. I can confirm that the bus shelter will be brought back to the bus stop. However, due to a number of safety tests required for the shelter, as well obtaining the necessary permits from the local authority, there's currently no confirmed date as of yet. Once again, I'm very sorry for the ongoing inconvenience this has caused.

They still haven't replaced the shelter, and this causes great inconvenience for my community as there are no benches to sit on while waiting for the bus, and nothing to protect you from wind, rain or even snow.

Please sign this petition, and when we hit 30 signatures, I'll email TfL with this petition, and we'll see what happens.

If we win, then that's great, thanks for supporting my petition.

If we lose, I will build a bus shelter from wood to serve the community.

I know this may seem like an insignificant problem, but it's the little things in life that go a long way.



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