Include incomplete journeys in Metrolink contactless capping.

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Recently TfGM introduced contactless travel on Metrolink. Prices are capped at the all zone adult travel card for a day (max £7 if peak, £4.80 off peak). While this is very welcome - if you forget to touch out on any journey there is a fee of £4.60 -this fee is not included in the daily cap. 

As there are no physical barriers it is very easy to forget to touch out, regardless of signage it only takes a slight distraction or if people are unwell/vulnerable could miss it. I’m asking TfGM to include incomplete journey fees in the daily cap. Simply forgetting to tap out once could mean one day travel costs you up to £11.60.

The tram is one of the greenest ways to travel around Greater Manchester and we should be encouraging it’s use. This isn’t about avoiding fares - fare dodgers who don’t touch in should be fined, but people should not be penalised for not touching out as they are not avoiding paying their way, capping at the daily maximum based upon the first touch-in being peak/off-peak.