The installation of crash barriers along the A418 Oxford Road railway bridge, Aylesbury

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Vicky Harlock
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There have been two serious accidents on/near the A418 Oxford Road, Aylesbury railway bridge in the past few weeks alone. The attached picture is the aftermath of the latest accident which has destroyed the crossing. The short section of barrier you can see in the middle of the photo is the only section of barrier on this side before the college. They took the main force of the impact and, had someone been standing there at the time, these barriers would have saved their lives.

There are crash barriers along the path between the bus stop by the college and the traffic lights by Oxford House. There are crash barriers from near the TA centre up to the roundabout, including where the footpath is a significant distance from the road, even elevated in places. There are also partial crash barriers on the opposite side of this section but there are no railings over the bridge itself. This is the place when dozens of school children are riding bikes and scooters right next to the road every day. This is the place where buses speed along, right next to those same school children. This is the place where cars are travelling at their fastest. This is the place where there are traffic lights just over the top of the bridge, that people often fail to notice have turned red. In short, this is the most dangerous, most used section of footpath on the Oxford Road and it doesn't have any crash barriers. This seems crazy and very dangerous to me. It is only a matter of time before there is a serious incident or someone is killed. I've created this petition to get crash barriers installed ASAP as part of the on-going improvement works to this road.