Vehicle Drivers Will Have The Option To Stay In Their Vehicle.

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With the newest Covid19 rates the highest its been in the area many feel the recinding of their previous exemption to BC Ferries allowing people to stay in their vehicle during the voyage is a big mistake at this point in time. Unfortunately, we still do not have enough testing and contact tracing takes time. Time that island residents don't have to waste. We want the order reinstated and allow passengers to remain in their vehicle. We wish this policy will continue into the future. There has been one incident long ago, we have improved marine communications and one of the safest water ways in the world. The likelihood of something happening is extremely less than possible contraction of a deadly virus. 

Transport Canada should be reminded that the situation with the new vessels presents a severe health problem that most communities are not prepared to deal with. We realize there are liabilities with insurance companies and whatnot but the risks of contracting a deadly virus far outweighs insurance companies bottom line. 

Thank you for your time in this matter.