Pass a law to charge passengers who save bags over people.

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Evacuations during emergencies situations are critical and time sensitive. Unfortunately we have become more materialistic as a society and care less about our fellow humans. We need  to change this mentality. The aviation world has expanded over the years and more traffic in the air is appearing, therefore more accidents and emergencies are likely to happen. People don’t think of this when they take a flight, but let’s be realistic and think. This can happen to anyone at any time. Flight attendants are trained to evacuate passengers in a very short period of time. However if passengers don’t cooperate, it’s imposible to make these evacuations happen quickly. Taking luggage during an evacuation is leaving one body behind. This is unacceptable! It takes 3-5 seconds per person to grab a bag and that’s about 3-6 people that could have been evacuated while taking that bag out from the overhead bins. We need to stop this thinking. Although putting locks on the overhead bins may be expensive at the beginning, it is an investment in the long run. The more lives that are saved, the less it will cost an airline, but also let’s make people responsible for their actions and pass a law that charges people who prioritize bags over lives. This, we hope, will put a stop to this behaviour and train our passengers that there will be consequences to such actions. We are asking Transport Canada and competent authorities to review this petition and take action in regards to the matter.