SAVE the Wharf in Terrenceville!

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SAVE THE WHARF in Terrenceville! Why should we care about the wharf being demolished? The point is that it is one step towards the demolition of our community and the place we all grew up!

The wharf is NOT in a state of disrepair and acts as a breakwater protecting local homes from flooding and also the local graveyard from erosion.  It is also the focal point of the community for gathering together such as he annual “Bottom of the Bay” festival.

Transport Canada has set aside $1 million in funding for the removal of the wharf.  Why not give the money to the town to take over the wharf and create several options for the town
- Invest the money in an account paying 4 to 5% interest as a way of paying for the wharf in perpetuity and leaving the $1 million in the bank
- Invest a portion of the funds to improving the waterfront area for added tourism possibilities (a boardwalk for example or a new stage area for the annual concert that takes place in Terrenceville)
- Invest a portion of the funds to improve the breakwater for the cemetery area which risks being eroded (a risk that would be increased with the removal of the wharf)
- Invest a portion of the funds to add a new cell tower to the area (currently the provincial government has a program that encourages community co-investment in building new tower infrastructure) that would also enable rural broadband (Fed government has a Connecting Canadians mandate that there have been some funds set aside for the neighbouring communities of Grande Le Pierre and English Hr. East) all from a single tower
- So in effect LOTS of opportunity to improve the situation and the lives of the people of Terrenceville and the neighboring communities of Grande Le Pierre and English Hr. East.

So the Decision is not just about the removal of a wharf, the decision is about taking $ that would otherwise be spent, and instead of dismantling infrastructure, allow next generation infrastructure to be built with those funds. As a Newfoundlander who lives away but is investing now in building my company in the province I see examples such as this as critical to the long term survival of our rural communities. Not everyone can live in St. John's but they certainly deserve similar services as the people who do.

Our Ask
This is an OPPORTUNITY that will not come again and I hope the federal government with your support as the Minister of Transport will cancel the RFP for the Wharf Deconstruction and provide instead the funds directly to the Town of Terrenceville to take over the wharf and invest in their community. Your prompt attention to this urgent matter is appreciated.

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