Clothing brands should be transparent!

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How is it possible that in the year 2018 over 25 million individuals are enslaved around the world -- primarily in the agriculture, electronics, and fashion industries? Were you aware that this “industry” of enslavement is fueled by the lack of transparency within supply chains and the illegal practices that are currently sanctioned? Did you know it's estimated that one in every six people are employed within the global fashion industry, making it the most labor dependent industry throughout our world? However, only 2% of these employees receive a livable wage. So here’s the real question: What are we, as consumers, going to do about this?

One year ago, I experienced a revelation; it finally dawned on me that your clothing choices had a real, true impact on our evolving, international community. These pieces of fabric -- sometimes seen with sparkles or sequins -- were creating a statement about the unethical practices I was unknowingly supporting; and I wasn't happy with what they were conveying. The apparent solution? Transparency. 

I, along with hundreds of others, have come to realize that no longer is paying a wage of a mere ten dollars a month acceptable and no longer is having to face discrimination and abuse within your workplace admissible ... we, as consumers, are demanding change! 

It is my goal in creating this petition to spread awareness so that others will have the opportunity to join our mission. But, long-term, it's my hope that -- either through legislation or of their own accord -- companies and brands will proudly publish how they source their raw materials and the rights and opportunities provided to their workers within our global market.

All we are asking for is additional information, a right we should have: a transparent supply chain. While companies focus on voluntary compliance or reporting, this has proven to no longer be good enough. Through both financial support (purchasing products from companies that already support these initiatives) and eventual legislation, consumers will be able to make their own conscious choices and voices heard.

Vote with your dollar! Sign below and join me in this quest for justice!




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