Transparency of the Club's Response to the Government's Request for Reforms

Transparency of the Club's Response to the Government's Request for Reforms

3 July 2022
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To Members of the General Committee


Craigengower Cricket Club


 6th  July 2022


Dear Committee members,


We understand that the Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) has issued an “ultimatum” to the General Committee, demanding an action plan in writing within 3 weeks from the date of the said letter in reply to the Government’s request for reforms. Also, the letter states unequivocally, that unless the Club has actually reformed its voting system to the satisfaction of Government by next year, HAB will not give their policy support to review the land lease with the Club.


In view of the seriousness of the situation, we, the undersigned, strongly demand that the General Committee take the following actions:  


1.          Send a copy of the said letter from HAB to ALL CCC members by post or electronically;

2.          Send the Club’s proposal to the Government by the deadline set by HAB in their letter dated 28th June 2022, and send ALL CCC members a copy of the same proposal by post or electronically;

3.          Post a monthly notice on the Club’s notice board to update members on the progress on the lease renewal;


4.          On a monthly basis, issue a progress report and deliver it together with the Club Newsletter to each Club member, either by post or electronically.  


Undoubtedly, the current situation is so urgent that the General Committee should realize it would be improper to withhold information of such a nature from the members of the Club, or to continue with the inertia of making decisions on its own behind closed doors without adequate consultation with the membership and not keeping them informed at all times. The fate of the Club is literally in your hands now, which therefore means there is no more room for inaction or procrastination. We appeal to your conscience, and earnestly urge you to act accordingly.


We look forward to your favourable reply.



Yours faithfully,





cc. Ms. Dorothy Cheung, Home Affairs Bureau  

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Signatures: 309Next Goal: 500
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