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Transparency: All Presidential Candidates MUST Show Their Last 10 Years of Tax Returns

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Tax returns are to be provided when a person signs the ticket to run for President.

We need total and complete transparency with every person that wants to run for POTUS. We have a right to review each candidate in many ways, and their tax returns are very important. This has nothing to do with amount of money, investments, etc. This is to make sure that the candidate is paying their fair share of taxes and not evading them, or writing off items that should not be written off. As a citizen of this country, if I have to pay my full share of taxes then I expect my President to pay his/her share as well. If they do not pay taxes properly, this does not automatically exclude them from the candidacy, but we all need to know so that we are able to vote appropriately.

Yes, this has come about because of Romney refusing to disclose his tax returns other than what he "legally" must disclose. This has brought up awareness that any person running for President of the United States is not obligated to prove their worthiness when it comes to paying their taxes. It needs to be several years. If someone is considering running for President, they begin contemplating it a year or couple years before the elections. This would allow them to clean up their tax returns for a year or two by the time the elections start. However, most do not seriously consider the position ten or twelve years prior. If they do and pay ten years of proper tax returns, then that's what we need to see. Currently US citizens must show more tax returns when buying a home than Romney had to disclose to run for President of the United States!

There are more reasons that buying a home, or a car which require a citizen to show two years or more of tax returns. Some jobs require this. I was a mortgage banker for many years and had to show my tax returns when I applied for a GM position at a bank. Not all the reasons for providing tax returns have to do with verifying income, as was in my case. The bank was checking out my taxes to make sure nothing weird was going on with previous places I had worked. Another example - many jobs that have high levels of security are often required as well.

Although this will not pass during Romney's run this year (sadly), it still needs to be brought up for all future candidacies.

Thank you.

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