Richmond 410 Bus Split Reform

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On September 3rd, Translink split up the 410 bus, that originally went from Steveston to 22nd Street Station, into two separate bus routes: the 406 and the 410.

The reason for this change was understandable; The 410 was notoriously unreliable during peak hours. However, this change was one step forward, and two steps back. There exist better solutions to the unreliability, without ruining the usefulness of the route for other users.

Problems with the new change:

  • The commute of people on the 406 route who bus past Brighouse is now significantly longer.
  • The 410 will still be unreliable, since the traffic occurs on the bridge, on 3 Road, on Cambie, as well as due to train crossings.
  • Transferring to the 406 often results in a 10+ minute wait. The split wouldn't be as bad if transfers lined up nicely. This will rarely happen given the unreliability of the 410.
  • Relatively express bus routes exist to UBC, Burnaby, Surrey, Tsawwassen, Delta, White Rock, but NOT New Westminster. The 410 was the best we had, and now it is barely worth it.
  • It is now often faster getting to New Westminster by taking the Canada Line all the way to Waterfront, then Expo Line all the way back down. Seems silly given we have a highway that can get us there quickly.

Possible Solutions:

  • Have an occasional 406 to 22nd, and 410 to Steveston. Perhaps every half hour, or 20 minutes at rush hour.
  • Have an express bus on the original route from Steveston to 22nd. This would reduce crowding on the 406/410 and provide the best way of getting to New Westminster.

If your commute was negatively impacted by this change, it's not too late. Translink is receptive to feedback, and has made immediate changes in the past due to enough complaints.

- Call Translink at (604) 953-3333, and press 4 to leave feedback. (Preferred)
- Leave feedback at
- Tweet @Translink with #FixThe410
- Share this Petition, and encourage friends to leave feedback.