Removal of Bus Lanes at Titanic Quarter

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Tom Jackson
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Catalyst Inc and the general area around Titanic quarter houses 1000's of employees who travel to work by car, due to the fact that public road transport has not and will never be a viable option to reach your place of work in a timely fashion.

The decision to introduce bus lanes on a strip of road that barely is sufficient for two lanes, without consideration for traffic movement or flow and no updates to the traffic signals, seems to be poorly planned.

Checking Translink journey planner states that to leave Bangor at 8:00 am to get to Catalyst Inc in Belfast is 1 hour and 51 mins. Travelling by car is 45 mins that's one way. 

This decision is causing a lot of stress and generally impacting travellers health and well being.

Having worked in Titanic quarter for almost 6 years, I can seriously say that I have never seen such an ill thought out plan as this.

Please consider reversing  this decision or modifying the roads to allow people to get to their place of work in a reasonable time.