Change of schedule to bus timetables in the Ormeau area

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Major changes are needed to be made to bus timetables in the Ormeau area especially routes 728 and 729 at peak periods in the mornings the buses don't start till around 6.30am and then its another 2 hours before the next bus. There are buses leaving 2 mins before the northbound train arrives  which leaves passengers a wait of 1 to 2 hours for the next bus some of these passengers are school children some decide to walk home which can be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half,this a major safety concern. The last 729 bus of a weekday is 5.02pm and the 728 is 5.32pm and these buses leave 2 mins before the northbound train arrives, a lot of people are at work, uni or still on the train at this time, this leaves people having to finds other means of getting home including walking in the dark on roads without footpaths. The last 728 bus on weekends is 2.33pm I min before the northbound train arrives and the 729 is 3.35pm these buses run every 2 hours only 4 buses each way per day .The train station carpark is overflowing if the community had a more durable bus service they would leaving their cars at home. We as a community would like our concerns addressed in our favour