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Lowering trans-link' s ticket price

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The price of public transit is a issue that I would like to focus on, the current Concession Fares for 1 zone is $ 1.80, the old fare of the one zone ticket used to be $ 1.75, I would like to bring the price back down to $ 1.75 because this is the price that the people are familiar with, people have been paying $ 1.75 for a long time, and the new price of $ 1.80 is confusing them. I've seen a lot of passengers paying just $1.75 and the bus drivers have to remind them every time. Some people didn’t know about the price change yet so that they just come out of the house with $ 1.75. One dollar and seventy-five cents means a one dollar coin and three twenty five cents coin. That's four coins altogether. Although it’s still somewhat annoying to gather four coins, but its still better than looking for one more five cent coin. ($ 1.80) It’s a lot more convenient to gather 4 big coins(1 dollar and 3 quarters) rather than 4 big coins (1 dollar and 3 quarters) and 1 small one (5 cents). I would also like to the adult fares for 2 and 3 zones to lower from $ 5.60(3 zones), $ 4.10(2 zones) to $ 4.75 (3 zones), and $ 3.50(2 zones).Many people have to take public transit to go to work, it cost a total of $11.20 for a trip across three zones for people that work at downtown Vancouver, and live in the Tri-Cities. Imagine if you’re one of these people who had to take public transit to go to work, $ 11.20 a trip per day is more than the minimum wage per hour. So they are basically spending one hour of work just to pay for the transit everyday. Lowering the price would help those who are not doing as well finical, they would appreciate a little drop in the fare. I also think that the people that have finical problems should also be able to pay the concussion price of $1.75 rather than $ 2.85 (1 zone), whether if they are adults or not. This is important to me because I’m a frequent passenger of the Tran-links buses, I spent a lot of money riding buses everyday, and I would very much like a little drop in the price, and a little convenient of only having to look for four coins for the fare. For the price to drop, I must make the public aware of this issue. To promote the plan to drop the bus ticket price, I planned to make people sign a petition in the school, door to door, and in the Coquitlam Centre Mall.

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