Improve Transit (Bus) Services for PMSS Students

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Have you missed the bus after school while needing to get somewhere urgently? Do you find yourself getting squished by a crowd of students trying to get on the bus? Were you ever not allowed on a bus because there were too many people?

Port Moody Secondary's Design For Change is a club that addresses problems faced by many students within the community and encourages youths to take initiative on them. Many of us face issues when it comes to taking the bus and have commitments after school. We believe that having a reliable method of transportation is crucial to our daily lives. We feel that it is necessary to make improvements so that students can take Transit in a more efficient, convenient and safer environment. So far, here are some changes we can establish to improve the situation (Applies to 160 and 180 busses heading towards Moody Centre Station).

1. Have busses come more frequently for after school hours

2. Add an extra bus for after school hours

3.  Shift the timetable so that students have enough time to get to the station without missing the bus (For example, the 160 bus comes at 3:06 but our school ends 3:06 on most days. Since most people miss the 3:06 bus, everybody will try crowding on to the 3:25 bus. If we could push the 3:06 bus, it will give more students more time to get to the station, which can lead to an even distribution of students on busses.

4. Have a special bus just for PMSS students

We are interested in communicating to TransLink in order to make taking Transit a better experience for students however, we will need as much support as we can from students to make this happen. Please contribute to support PMSS students who take Transit, thank you:)