A school bus for safety

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I am currently a high school student at Sunshine Beach State High school, me as well as many other students catch a bus provided by Buslink, 5831, other students who attend this bus to get to school every morning and afternoon are from the following schools ; Sunshine Beach State School, Sunshine Beach State High School, Saint Teresa’s Catholic collage, Noosa flexible learning centre, Montusurri,Good Shepard Lutheran Collage as well as Saint Thomas More. Every morning and after noon there is at least double the carrying capacity of school students. This causes around 30-40 students left standing for upto 40 minutes, even though students are still sitting 3 even 4 to a seat. This bus takes the route from Sunshine beach to Pomona. Even though multiple complaints have been made over the past year, buslink still claims “That there is nothing they can do about it” and “It’s upto the government” This is simply not good enough, how is it safe to make 30-40 students stand up for upto 40 minutes? We suggest that there be two seperate buses, one for primary school students and one for the high school students. This is because the primary students fill up the bus just to themselves and only leave 3 seats left for the high school students. Is this safe for students to do this?