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Ask TransLink to allow leashed dogs on transit

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The current position of TransLink to disallow dogs that are larger then can fit in your lap is outdated and needs to be addressed.

In 2014 the Board of Directors promised that this issue would be looked into. Then, in February 2017  Benson Chin, the Marketing Director for the company reached out to me and assured me that the comments left on the website by many supporters as well as the letter of support from my MLA (Shane Simpson) had been received and that the BoD would be looking into this issue. 

Since then, there has been nothing. No returned calls, no follow up and most importantly, no change to the rule.

We are so lucky in Metro Vancouver to have access to amazing walks, beaches, parks and hikes. But unless you live walking distance to these places, they are completely inaccessible to you and your dog without a vehicle. As the Vancouver housing crisis gets worse, people are moving their families further and further from the social and environmental centres. Allowing people to travel with well trained dogs will help residents feel connected.

For the thousands of car-less Lower Mainlanders, choosing a Veterinarian is difficult. You shouldn't have to go with the one closest to your house and change when you move. We should be able to choose the right doctor that we trust to make medical and financial decisions for our families.

The City of Vancouver has admitted they are not currently meeting the needs of dog owners in the city. Allowing dogs on TransLink would alleviate the pain point the city currently has with a lack of access to Off Leash Dog parks that thousands of Vancouverites face. This would help instantly and at NO COST!

Calgary, Toronto, Seattle, Boston, London, Stockholm and many other major cities around the world allow leashed dogs to ride (many with no extra fare or time restrictions) and never has a transit authority reversed the decision to allow leashed animals on their service.

Please sign and let TransLink know that having equal access to all pet owners is important to you! 

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