Keep Scooters OUT of Transition Extreme

Keep Scooters OUT of Transition Extreme

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Started by G B

Transition Extreme should continue to not allow scooters in the park. Below are the reasons why.

1. Crèche

Allowing scooters in the park encourages a crèche mentality as scooters are very easily accessible to young children (anyone who skated ‘The Factory’ in Dundee knows this to be true). Large numbers of infants being placed in such a dangerous environment is not good for anyone. Kids get hurt as they are too young to understand skatepark etiquette but also incredibly mobile since scooters are easy to ride at a basic level. Both upcoming and core skaters get annoyed by the overwhelming amount of young kids and likely visit the park less often or stop going entirely. 

2. No scooter scene in Aberdeen

A further glaringly obvious problem is that Aberdeen has no scooter scene. (To be clear for those that aren’t familiar, a scene would be an established community of scooter riders). That means there is no local market demand for this. No local market = no consistent revenue for the skatepark. 
Most people that are for Transition allowing scooters are not based in Aberdeen and should not be confused with the skatepark’s real demographic.

3. Transition Extreme’s image

Anyone local to the area knows that Transition Extreme is seen by some as being a bit corporate. Allowing scooters in would make this image problem worse. It would certainly be seen by many in the local scene of skaters, bmxers and rollerbladers as a shameless money grab to get revenue from the crèche kid’s parents while simultaneously annoying those who care most about the survival of the skatepark. 
The core scenes of our sports are what sustains skateparks in the long run. If established guys in their scenes stop using the park, younger kids will follow suit as the grow older. Allowing scooter kids in might keep TX afloat in the short term, but undoubtedly it would go the way of ‘The Factory’ very quickly.

4. Damages Ramps

Scooters also damage the ramps due to their low profile and metal frame. This requires extra maintenance costs and time for an already financially struggling park.


Disclaimer: I don’t want this to be taken as me hating on scooter riders. I just don’t want my local park to change for the worse.

183 have signed. Let’s get to 200!