Safe schools for transgender kids

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Today in schools especially public schools there is no mention or no talk about being transgender. It is not even in the school curriculum. This makes it really unfair for transgender people to learn about themselves especially during health class. Do to this not learning about being transgender this leads to discrimination when it comes to sports and or the bathroom. If we had better education system where we could teach younger kids what it means to be transgender then people would grow up to be a better in society. This will also educate the teachers and make a better school environment for the transgender kids. Ultimately our goal is to build a better school system where everybody can get the information they so desire weather it is in lgbtq student or a regular cis student. Today a handful of colleges are starting to acknowledge transgender people but why not kindergarten through 12th grade? It's up to us to make the change. Please sign our petition to change the way schools treat transgender kids 

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