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    Trans community's rights needs to be protected as they are humans just like us.Being trans wasn't their choice but it's up to us whether we protect their rights and respect them or not.TRANS COMMUNITY DESERVES ALL THE RESPECT AND DIGNITY THAT MOST PEOPLE TAKE FOR GRANTED.

There are people around us caring for them,respecting them but many of them around us are those who don't even treat them with grace,they don't accept them to be a part of society,Why don't they treat them as the members of society??? WHAT'S THE REASON??JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE TRANSGENDER...??!!Why don't people understand that they are not trans by their choice.?

There is so much pain,many crisis they have to go through,they have to bear.They come under the pressure of society.Many parents disown them due to this pressure.What's the reason behind the hatred for them??What's the reason for their non-acceptance??Why can't they live in the same society where we do live,where their families live??

As soon as the society comes to know that a person is trans,they start torturing that person,what if the society has to bear that torture?? Society forced them to leave as well as they are also disowned by their families.After being disowned,they have to leave their place,much more pain is waiting for them ahead, sometimes they go under bad hands, sometimes they are forced to cross the limits, sometimes they have to beg,many of them have to do all this stuff from a very small age and sadly many of them have their parents alive but they can't go back to them.

I have used the word society many times over here... WHO'S SOCIETY??WE ALL MAKE THE SOCIETY,WE ARE ALL PART OF IT and this is the fact and now this is the time we SOCIETY have to make the change together....the whole world together is a Society....We can make the change together without the discrimination of region,color,race, religion and we will make the change.We all need to be United.We are all different people but we need to accept each other in the way we are.

Parents shouldn't disown their trans kids infact they should educate them,they should teach them what's right and what's wrong.Parents should make them a responsible citizen of the society.And Being Society we should respect Trans persons,we shouldn't bully them infact we should help them.There is no one in this world who is 100% tension free, everyone has to suffer but at least we should help,WE SHOULD HAVE HELPING HANDS AND WE SHOULDN'T BE IN THE LIST OF THOSE WHO BULLY OTHERS,WHO MAKE OTHER'S LIVES DIFFICULT AND PAINFUL...WE SHOULD BE THOSE WHO TRY TO MAKE LIVES EASIER....UNITED WE CAN MAKE THE CHANGE AND OF COURSE WE WILL....and yeah there is one more thing we shouldn't be TRANSPHOBIA as there are some people that when they see a trans person they act like they have seen something weird or an alien,WE NEED TO KILL THIS TRANSPHOBIA,WE SHOULDN'T BE TRANSPHOBIC.... infact from now onwards we will take care of transgenders.