Put Pressure on Greg Steube to End Genital Exams on Transgender Girls

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The trans community has been fighting for decent human rights since 1949. However, even now in 2021, after 6 decades, we still have to fight for our rights as humans.

Republican Greg Steube introduced a federal bill to ban transgender girls from sports. This is a direct challenge to Joe Biden's pro-LGBTQ policies, it's a complete violation of human rights and privacy, and there is no reason why transgender girls aren't allowed to play sports. His transphobic actions are unjust, and we need to make a change. 

Steube touted support from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a Christian organization run by men that has already attacked President Joe Biden for supporting “further expansions of abortion and contraception.” He is a disgusting person, and what he wants to do will further ruin and go against human rights.