Heal Violence against Asians by Renaming San Francisco Park

Heal Violence against Asians by Renaming San Francisco Park

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Dear Kinfolks,

We request your support in renaming Visitacion Valley Playground, 263 Leland Ave., to be “Yik Oi Huang Peace & Friendship Park.”  On January 8, 2019, Grandmother Huang, was fatally assaulted in the park while engaging in her regular early morning walk and exercises.  Tragically, a year later she passed away at age 89.  We, as a community, hope to honor Grandmother Huang as a respected resident of Vis Valley, as a joyous spirit who wanted better for youth and their families.  Building on decades long community activism to overcome disparities and create healthy safe public spaces in our “beloved valley”, may we turn Pain into Purpose.  

Together let us remember, rename and renovate Visitacion Valley Playground as "Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park".  This facility will be a beacon for multi-cultural and multi-generational joy, peace and friendship—promoting community safety and wellbeing.  

Anne Seeman, cofounder of Visitacion Valley Greenway, says, "Our whole community is heartbroken and horrified at the brutal assault, from which Grandmother Huang was unable to recover. We are compelled to action. The renaming effort is unifying us with the goals of ending cycles of violence, and healing long simmering cultural and racial divisions. We are striving to build a cohesive community with mutual respect and safety for all. To achieve those goals, we will activate the park with creative programming that fosters intergenerational and multicultural friendship. This is what Grandmother Huang would want for her family and community. It is appropriate to honor her as the catalyst for healing, restoration and hope."

Let’s play together! 

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我們請您支持把位於263 Leland大道的訪谷區康樂場(Visitacion Valley Playground)重新命名為“ 黃奕愛(Yik Oi Huang)和平與友誼公園”。  




讓我們共同惦記、命名和翻新訪谷區康樂場,把她昇華成為黃奕愛(Yik Oi Huang)和平與友誼公園。 這個公園將與其他訪谷區公園一起,成為多種族、多文化、多世代的歡樂和平與友誼的燈塔,促進社區安全和福祉。


Título de la petición: Transformar la tragedia mediante la acción comunitaria

Hola Ciudadanas de San Francisco,

Solicitamos su apoyo para cambiar el nombre de Visitacion Valley Playground, 263 Leland Ave., a "Yik Oi Huang Peace & Friendship Park". El 8 de Enero de 2019, la Abuela Huang fue agredida violentamente en el parque mientras realizaba su caminata y ejercicios de la mañana.  Trágicamente, un año después falleció a los 89 años. Nosotros, como comunidad, esperamos honrar a la Abuela Huang como un miembro respetable del Valle Vis, que tenía el espíritu alegre, y que quería lo mejor para los jóvenes y sus familias.

Nosotros podemos convertir el dolor de nuestra abuela en un propósito y así seguimos construyendo décadas de activismo comunitario para superar la disparidad y crear espacios públicos saludables y seguros en nuestro “amado valle.”

Juntos recordemos, cambiemos el nombre y renuevemos Visitacion Valley Playground como “Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park.” Esta y otras instalaciones del Parque y Recreación de Vis Valley serán faros de alegría, paz y amistad multirracial, multicultural y multigeneracional, promoviendo la seguridad y el bienestar de la comunidad.

¡Vamos a jugar juntos!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!