Transfer 10% of City expenditure on the Sault Ste Marie Police Services to social services

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Participate in the BLM! #BoycottSaultOnlineONNtv! Protest!

Click here to view the Facebook event for this protest

SaultOnline ONNtv recently posted a deeply disturbing video from The Chris Oldcorn Show entitled “Thin Blue Line Flag” that features journalist Christopher Oldcorn dog-whistling his way through six problematic minutes of downplaying the need for reform in the areas of policing and criminal justice, while shamelessly invoking the death of a Nova Scotia police officer in April 2020 to push his anti-Black Lives Matter agenda.

“Blue lives matter,” Oldcorn says at 1:45 in the video. “Guess what, all lives matter.” In the written subtitle that accompanied the video on, Oldcorn wrote “We should praise the police for keeping the public safe, not demonize them! #BlueLivesMatter.”

Oldcorn’s video on SaultOnline ONNtv is divisive and hurtful during this charged political climate, when countless stories of police brutality and violence on both sides of the border are coming to light.
We need to stand up against these narratives in the media.

On Friday, July 31st, 2020 at 5pm-7pm, mask-wearing socially-distant participants will gather at the Walmart parking lot and walk to the Superior Media (Sault) Ltd. office at 116 Industrial Park Crescent as a group.

12 months ago