Create a new positive work environment based on respect, and inclusiveness

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We currently have an area manager for the Central Intercity Team that manages through dictatorial means, using rules, selectively applied, that has led to a deterioration in depot statistics and a precipitous drop in crew morale. There is a perception amongst staff that an atmosphere of fear has engulfed the depot and that people fear to come to work in case they will ‘displease ‘ the new management’ regime because of their harsh enforcement of the rules that they selectively apply. We need encouragement and reward for good work. Not enforcements and surveillance to thrive.

We want to do better and can easily make the railways run much better if the conditions we have to work under are imposed in a more flexible manner. The immediate creation of a new FAID system , that took into account travel times and sleep possible between shifts would help Immensely.

More humane application of the rostering rules would help reduce overtime because crew would be more willing to assist in times when we are short 

Provision of adequate modern computer terminals for crew to access Rosters and other relevant crew information 

We care about these things because we don’t have them and they are making it harder to do our jobs efficiently. Coupled with this is the draconian management style that has recently been imposed by the new area manager at Central

I feel with these changes a more harmonious depot atmosphere will reign and cre will be more motivated and a  measurably better performance will follow with ess attrition.

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