Petition against TRAI's new DTH rules.

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TRAI i.e Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has bought in effect its new DTH rules which according to TRAI promotes consumer choice and enables subscribers to pay for what they really watch. But the actual execution is not really beneficial for end consumer,  they are charging ₹130 as base price stating it as NCF i.e network capacity fees which provides 100 FTA channels atleast going by what my Hathway cable connection says. According to TRAI i can choose my own channels in base NCF but DD channels are compulsory whereas my distributor has provided his own Choice of channels in base NCF which are just useless channels. Previously i used to pay ₹150/month for all the channels available but now my bill has reached ₹400 for the list of channels i want to watch. In what way is the new TRAI regulation helping me as a consumer. What about the people who live in villages who will be forced to pay higher, and will eventually make them to only opt for free to air channels. I belong to urban area and still facing so much difficulty. Changes that needs to be made are as follow-

1) Scrap the NCF as we are already paying 18% GST.

2) Individual channel pricing should be in such a way that collective price of individual channels should be equal to bouquet price for that broadcaster, this will give us more freedom of choice and makes its economically feasible.

3) In present time Most of the TV's are flat LED screens, even in rural areas its becoming hard to find those boxy TFT TV's. Then why is there no scrapping of SD quality channels. Only HD quality channels should be provided at affordable price. It doesn't cost the broadcaster much to provide HD channels over SD channels. SD channels still exists only to extort money from consumer.

Please support my petition so that TRAI and Government of India reverts its decision or make a regulation that actually benefits end consumer.