Cable\DTH customers will be losing money by push of 25 doordarshan channels as TRAI policy

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TRAI has mandated Cable/DTH users to pay at least 130 enabling users to give consumers right to choose what they want to watch and pay accordingly.

They have not told that for this minimum Rs.130 they are offering slot of 100 channels which can be utilized by consumers to build there bouquet of free and paid channels. Anything over 100 channels in your bouquet will require buying additional slot in multiples of 25 channels at the rate of Rs. 20 i.e the moment you add 101'st channel it becomes Rs.150 and so forth.

This still appears fair but the catch is that they have mandated taking 25 channels of doordarshan as mandatory reducing the kitty by 25 channels so indirectly we are paying Rs.20 more per connection.

With this mandatory channels it is an impact of Rs. 23.6 including taxes per connection and defeats the whole purpose and fairness.

Also with the lack of reverse feedback any advertiser will have a wrong figure because each cable/DTH subscriber is a Doordarshan viewer whereas other channels will have a actual figure of number of viewers as per peoples choice. This makes it an unfair business practice and there could be viewers who will not opt for a particular free/paid channel since there kitty is full depriving a channel associated advertisement revenue. Also will impart any user benefit because if a channel has less viewership due to this will not consider passing benefits to consumers.

To make it a level playing field the consumer should be given the right to choose what they want to view and not mandate the channel or the end user kitty should be increased from 100 to 125 to accommodate any legal compliance and so forth in order to protect the rights of the consumers.

Source of this data :- ( Official TRAI's sub site) and we presume this data to be accurate as on date.