Keep George H Carnall open - "More people, More active, More often"

Keep George H Carnall open - "More people, More active, More often"

21 May 2017
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Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Reavy

Trafford Leisure have decided to close down yet another site within our community which has/had around 400 members from the local community.

This is not the only site that has been effected with: 

  • William Wroe GC
  • Partington Leisure Centre
  • Stretford Talbot site and also
  • Stretford sports barn

all being effected.

With Trafford Leisure having recently announced they have £24 MILLION to spend on the sites across the board, £2.1 MILLION was allocated to Urmston Leisure Centre to originally accommodate the loss of George H Carnall, it has now been unearthed that the majority of this money will now be spent on maintenance.  

Members have not been consulted or accommodated during this period, other than false promises and a price INCREASE.

Trafford Leisure's statement is to make "More people, More active, More often" which is contradicted over these moves.

Members and staff are both in a situation that forces people to look elsewhere due to promises to redevelop and expand the nearby Urmston Leisure centre that have not been fulfilled. With initial promises to expand and redevelop to accomodate George H Carnalls facilities, classes and other functions to create a somewhat merger of the centres, this now looks unlikely to happen.

As a community we need to stick together and prevent there being a lack of leisure centres available for sport, gym, fitness and community needs.

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Signatures: 2,270Next Goal: 2,500
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