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Save Hale Village from Trafford's Plan to Pedestrianise it

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In July 2019, Trafford Council commissioned Nexus Planning to prepare a Place Plan for Hale District Centre.  The Plan was to provide a framework for future development and to improve its sustainability as a viable centre. The plan is being put to the Executive of Trafford Council for approval on 28th September, after which time no changes can be made. 

The main issues are: reduction of parking. The plan indicates that there are 216-326 car parking spaces available at peak times in Hale.  Theses spaces are identified as being in the surrounding streets. Despite many residents objecting to the imposition of parking permit the council recommendation to the exec is to implement further restrictions on the adjacent streets. These restrictions will be put forward early next year.  The Clock area will lose 11 spaces & it is suggested that the pelican crossing be removed.                                                                                                                  

To provide more spaces in the village proposals are to remove the roundabout at Victoria Rd/Lisson Grove, to reduce the width of the roads and reduces the safe areas for buses. The proposal to reduce the width of the lanes will bring Hale to a standstill. The proposal is to reduce the traffic lanes from 3.5m to 2.75m and create 1.8m parking bays either side but modern cars are over 2.1m and a bus is 2.6m wide without the mirrors.  So, if a large vehicle parks in one of the bays touching the kerb it will stick out into the traffic lanes further reducing the lane width. Two large cars cannot pass, two buses or trucks trying to pass would never be possible.  No public representations have been made in this regard. The current road width and congestion at peak times are when the rail barriers are down naturally slows all traffic.                                                                                              

The effect of the proposals will be to reduce traffic flow and to ultimately hinder the ability of cars to use and access the village, effectively pedestrianising the village through the backdoor. The Council has failed to listen to the concern of the residents and local businesses and has failed to take into account the impact of the recent lockdown.  The Council needs to delay acceptance of this plan and revisit it, this time with all the stakeholders participating.      

While this is welcome and there are many favourable suggestions in the plan, the reality is that there is only funding for the proposals that relate to low traffic neighbourhoods and cycle infrastructure.   

You can find the plan and survey results here: 

This affects everyone who uses the village.  We have the chance to shape the village for the next 30 years but only if we force Trafford to listen to us.  We need 500 signatures to make this happen.

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