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Traffic signal timing adjustment (EB Hwy24 @ 31st)

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As a long-time resident of Woodland Park, I believe I can speak for most of my fellow Teller County/Ute Pass corridor neighbors when I say this is a problem.

  The EB Hwy24 left turn lane @31st is a massive safety concern as well as being incredibly inconvenient. During congested times of the day, the timing on the green arrow only allows for roughly 5 vehicles (sometimes more if people are paying more attention to driving than they do their phone) to turn into 31st while still leaving behind 30 or more to fill the turn lane as well as block traffic in the left most driving lane.

This problem is also a bit more complex due to more and more drivers attempting to avoid the problem area by turning on  High st./Ridge rd. west of 31st. This has significantly worsened the already dangerous intersection @ Colorado and Ridge rd. which has no traffic light. Additionally, the intersection of Colorado and 31st and the small stretch of road between Hwy24 and Colorado would experience a heavier load. The configuration of the right turn lane and traffic light timing may need to be adjusted in conjunction with the other intersection.

For obvious reasons, this causes an unnecessary and dangerous lane blockage event throughout the day as well as a dangerous load in other areas and should be addressed/corrected immediately!!!

My simple suggestion would be to 1)Increase the time the initial green arrow is active. 2)Activate the arrow a second time after the the green thru traffic cycle has ended to alleviate congestion throughout the entire cycle of the intersection.

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