Quick Movement of Vehicles in Bangalore by introducing fast lanes designated to 2 wheelers

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Respected Madam/Sir,
Prosperity has become a bane to the road users of Bangalore.
Thanks to people driving alone to their office in their four wheeler. It has been observed that people driving a car small or big or even an SUV to office in Bangalore is very common. This has increased the traffic challenges faced by people who prefer to use a two wheeler while travelling alone & also to the people choosing to car pool. The people using the two wheeler & car pooling have been penalized, thanks to the people who choose to focus on their status symbol, their comfortable car, their trophy which they drive very comfortably with no concern to the rest of the road users.
I request the authorities, wherever possible, kindly have a separate wide carpool lane which will be allowed only for 2 wheeler & cars with at least 2 passengers. Also, have a smaller slow lane for the people traveling alone in their 4 wheeler. Let the people who choose to travel alone in their cars leave early to reach on time rather than clog the already congested roads with empty vehicles which will punish people who respect the shared resource.
Request you to kindly do the micro planning. I surely understand you would have your own challenges in implementing the suggestion.

Note: The above picture was clicked at around 8:15 AM on 25-July-2017 near Rainbow hospital on outer ring road between Tin Factory & Marathalli, Bangalore. The experience is the same all over Bangalore from early morning to late in the night.

Thanking you
Khaleel Ahmed H. M. Shariff, BSc, MBA, (MSc(IT), LLB)
Corporate Trainer & Executive Coach
Managing Director, Tanzanite Realty India Private Limited