Petition for safe Pedestrian Crossing across Frankston-Flinders Road, Balnarring

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Following 3 decades of pressure from local residents and business owners, the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council has finally ordered an Independent Evaluation into the need and feasibility of constructing a Pedestrian crossing across Frankston-Flinders Road in Balnarring.

The Council believes it is definitely a safety issue that needs addressing but ultimately it is the decision of VicRoads to fund and install a crossing of some sort.

The Council believes that it would be of benefit to the Final submission to VicRoads if the Balnarring Community shares their concerns about this potentially dangerous crossing which is used regularly by families, residents and visitors to Balnarring to access the playground, skate park, public facilities, local preschool, occasional care centre and community hall from the village shops, supermarket and public car park.

Please sign and share to help us make this safe crossing a reality for the residents and visitors of Balnarring before a fatal incident occurs.