Request Traffic Police to take measures to regulate traffic near MAIT

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---------------------------- The Problem ----------------------------

The Intersection Near Maharaja Agarsain Institute of Technology,Rohini is a very busy one and it stays busy throughout the day.All kinds of Vehicles cross this junction including heavy vehicles like buses and trucks, since there is no traffic co-ordination system the traffic is very chaotic.

All sorts of Vehicles are often driving on the wrong side of the road, that too on all the roads! and to top it off both sides of the roads!!

Needless to say that it's a very crazed situation and gross traffic violations occur.It is impossible to cross the road in a safe manner.

The situation is hazardous for both pedestrians and drivers as accidents are mostly a near miss.Many buses and trucks(which have many blindspots) pass through here which in turn makes it all the more dangerous to cross this road.This is a tragedy waiting to happen.

I have personally had numerous near-miss accidents happen with me, once a car's side mirror hit my arm and the car was going at quite a modest speed,and a motorcyclist once almost crashed their bike into me,only apply brakes at the very last moment.

Walking near the road is also dangerous as motorcyclists just go zooming near you, the only remotely possible  and safe way of crossing the road is by shielding yourself with other vehicles who are trying to take turns or by walking straight down the road as if you own it and hoping that the cars won't turn you into ketchup or sprinting right across(you might get lucky but luck won't stay with you forever) ,This is Very-Very dangerous and no one should have to cross roads like this;Again this is a recipe for disaster.Needless to say gross negligence is observed by both Pedestrians and Drivers.

------------------------ Solution ---------------------------

A traffic light  should be installed at this junction on all sides of the road.But that is not enough as people would most likely not follow them as the influx of cars-buses-trucks-bikes-pedestrians is HUGE. A traffic police officer stationed at this junction can regulate the traffic and assist people in crossing the road safely.Appropriate measures should be taken by concerned traffic police authorities to make this inter-junction safe.