Traffic calming of Crazy Canuck Drive

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Crazy Canuck Drive is a single artery road for over 150 houses (with development lots for many more), garbage receptacles, mailboxes, and construction works, and more recently commercial property such as Green lake station.  

The traffic flow in and out of Rainbow via Crazy Canuck Drive has steadily increased as the subdivision continues to climb the hill, the population grows, and so has the risk to residents and pedestrians.

Residents of Crazy Canuck drive (and roads that branch from it) of all ages are obliged to walk along a gravel path to get to the school bus, access commercial property, mailboxes, walk pets; which in the winter is of course covered by snow.

Every day I walk Crazy Canuck drive for many of these reasons and shocked by commercial vehicles, construction vehicles, and even residents that drive by with a smile at almost double the posted speed limit - 40km/h.

I constantly feel at risk and worry that with a faded pedestrian crossing (near the mailbox), a single speed limit sign (for what it's worth) and no methods to prevent drivers using the bend as their race course will cause an incident.

I am asking for support to require RMOW to propose preventative traffic calming measures, and would appreciate your support in keeping the neighbourhood safe and quiet. 

For those interested and have an hour to spare

Signatures will be sent to RMOW for consideration, and outcome posted to Facebook rainbow group
While the policy states that a form needs to be physically completed, this petition is to drum up initial support and visibility


There is no speed sign between the highway and the midway point where Ski jump rise branches off. This petition will include a proposal to introduce signs with a lower speed closer to the highway entrance.

Thank you