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Traffic calming to reinstate peace on Killarney Road before 2ndary road closure stops it

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In August 2014, a traffic volume & speed data report for Killarney Road (North Rutland in Kelowna, BC) concluded there was no need for traffic calming or to accelerate the priority of the road for sidewalks.

The following presents the reality of Killarney Road to reframe the report's conclusion to a safety concern due to the unique location and use of the road, as well as ensuring future enjoyment for residents and non-residents alike.

Proposed Solution: a partial closure of Killarney Road – middle or one end of it – requires Stafford Road to remain open so that all residents in the area have efficient access to major roads. This petition is therefore time-sensitive as construction to close Stafford Road began on September 6th, 2016.

Please support a residential community to remain a peaceful, pedestrian safe, nature abundant area now and for years to come.

Thank you for reading this.


The Reality of Killarney Road:

The area is a unique blend of agriculture (ALR), business & residents. Each property boasts large backyards with most locations backing onto either ALR or Horses. Most residents have envious flower or edible gardens and animal encounters are frequent (ie: Dozens of Ducks, Numerous Geese, Owls, Horses, Coyotes, Quail). Families walk their children and pets down and around Killarney and enjoy sunsets draping golden light across grassy fields and dogs joyously chasing stubborn, territorial birds. Horses are walked if the traffic is light enough and the sound of nature is the major disturbance at night. This combination of rural/urban, spacious nature added to the growth of the area (the addition of Orchard Ford and an upcoming lighted intersection at Findlay Rd) needs a petition to ensure Killarney Road remains the most beneficial for current and future generations: peaceful and beautiful. It is not likely the observed increase in vehicular volume since the 2014 report, nor the increase in unfavourable weather conditions, will decrease as the city continues to grow.

Killarney Road is used more by non-residents as a shortcut to major roads like Rutland Road and Highway 97 because of it's close approximation between the two. The amount of RVs, commercial trucks, Semis and cars never seen again is likely due to most drivers being unfamiliar with the area and/or not wanting to venture far from the "beaten path" of Highway 97 or Rutland Road. They therefore turn as soon as possible and that turn takes them down Killarney Road.

Daily pedestrian traffic utilizes Killarney for access to transit, scenery, uninterrupted fitness, and community businesses – all without sidewalks. This includes, but is not limited to, horses, a local daycare walking at least a dozen children and multiple family members enjoying time outdoors. Time of day and weather can easily upgrade the everyday danger to borderline tragic: the worst of which is during winter when the road is rarely plowed. Luckily neighbors do their best to clear their frontage areas to allow for parking and safer pedestrian access. It's the best residents can do but we need help.

Highway access, urban setting & large road length seems to only encourage traffic volume, distracted driving and excessive speeds regardless of the driving conditions.

Bylaw signs have done little to discourage large commercial vehicle use and minimize traffic to only residential access. Companies argue Killarney is the most efficient way to destinations despite two designated trucking routes a short distance away away (Rutland Rd, Hwy 97). This argument can only be resolved by altering the road’s physical structure/accessibility to change the current use of Killarney Road from shortcut to quiet, residential access.

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