Postpone Aboriginal Heritage Act introduction to Parliament

Postpone Aboriginal Heritage Act introduction to Parliament

6 September 2020
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Started by Cat M


We have a chance to make positive change to 1972 Aboriginal Heritage Act...To Preserve, Protect & Manage Our Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Places.....PLEASE SIGN NOW ���

Sign & add in Point Form any Issues( you'll have many) So we can send to Premier, Ministers & Government ASAP. Ben Wyatt, if you are sincere- STOP All s18 approvals from now, so NO MORE Aboriginal  Sites can be " legally" destroyed..Give US , the TO's, Elders, Community, Aboriginal Bodies & Aboriginal Heritage Consultants, TIME to READ, COMMENT & DISCUSS...then Submit a WA Wide, Joint Submission..A Gathering can then be organized over 3-5  day to seriously put up a Fair & Functional Draft of Ammendments to be tabled...This is OUR CHANCE TO HAVE A SAY & MAKE CHANGE ON OUR CULTURE & COUNTRY...THESE ARE OUR HUMAN RIGHTS..Share and Sign NOW���" Wayne Webb - Wadandi Elder 

The Labour government has just released a draft review of the Aboriginal Heritage Act. They have given us four weeks to read and comment, which leaves no time for meaningful and proper community consultation. This revised act sounds like it is empowering Traditional Owners, however the community has already raised a number of issues around the proposed changes.

This Bill will have far-reaching and long term consequences. It likely wont be reviewed again for decades – which is why it should not be rushed. The Custodians of our country should be given the opportunity to write the Bill that is meant to PROTECT their heritage.

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Signatures: 958Next goal: 1,000
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