No new sex ed before parental consent.

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The Comprehensive Sex Education agenda has been promoted by liberal ideologues throughout the free world. The agenda is to repeal the traditional family formation in a manner that equates non-traditional sexual relationships with the historical pattern.

The sexual freedom promoters attempt to support their diversity initiatives with facts but the facts deny their claims. Teen pregnancy and STD rates do not decline withe CSE. 

 CSE introduces children to sexual exploration and initiation earlier than normal. This is done in isolation from parental notice and without parental permission. 

The public school should not be teaching subjects that are the domain of the family, especially the sexual mores that are sensitive to the values of the traditional family. 

Biological sex is understandably relevant to school teaching. Sexual diversity is not so.

The voting public in Ontario elected a Premier who promised a repeal of Kathleen Wynne's controversial sex ed curriculum. The same voters want that promise upheld