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This petition has been started for you and I, including all tradespeople you know to share our signatures as symbol in the battle for fair wages and contracts in Alberta and in many ways, all of Canada. United as a voice, we can do so much.

We are asking all trades, families and supporters to sign this petition to show the Alberta government, as well as the negotiating contractors the size, scope and quality of the proud workers who do honest work every day and who call Alberta, and our great country home.

Let your voice be heard, sign and share this link right away! United we stand; strong and together.


What you need to know:

-It is crucial that we continue to operate and bargain in good faith, and honour our current contract. It’s is  counterintuitive to resist rollbacks and protect ourselves, if we don’t prove our contracts work by continuing to perform to our capacity. Be professional so we can get through this like pros. 

-WAGES: Total Wage Package reduced by 15%

-OVERTIME: Overtime premiums reduced to time-and-one-half

-NAME HIRES: 50% name hire ratio

-LENGTH OF CONTRACT: 4-year contract, 2019-2023

Pension and Health and Welfare contributions to be paid on hours worked.
Pension contributions would be reduced 15%.
Health and Welfare contributions would also be reduced to  15%.
Pension contributions for 1st year apprentices would be terminated. 2nd and 3rd year would be prorated based upon Apprentice year.

-In 4 years the inflation in Alberta has risen 5.75% yet we are being asked to work for less.

-In the last 8 years the corporate tax rate has decreased 15%, yet we are being “strong armed” to roll out wage back 15%?

-These contracts also aim to reduce employee benefits as well as rolling back pensions for retirees.

-All our negotiations need RIGHT NOW, is to vote NO for the upcoming contract proposals.

-The contract deadline has been extended by trades organizations as well as (you’ll be happy to know this): the contractors themselves. Because they have been placed in a tough position as well. Which is what we want. This extension has been made without a due date! Which is good. 

-All trades and folks need to participate and help put pressure on their contractors and their “ representative administration”.

If they truly care about the progress we, and generations before us have made, they will listen to you. And acknowledge this petition.

-If the unions are to fulfil their contractual obligation‘s to the clients, we ALL need fair wages and working conditions.

-If The contractors get their way, they will create poverty in a hardship for hard-working Canadians and their families, and drive away the quality workers that mean so much to our clients.

Essentially the clients are not to blame for the contract disputes therefore it is crucial that we do not involve them by any illegal activity, or undermine the very contracts were trying to change. This nullifies it all. To beat it, we have to honour how it works.

We are so close to changing the playbook and how contractors behave with honest workers. Show your support today!





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