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Source Free-Range Animal Products

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Whenever possible I buy free-range or humanely raised meat for two major reason: it's more humane to the animal, and it's healthier for us to eat animals that have eaten a diverse diet and have moved around as animals should.  As a meat eater this is something I do to practice ethical eating.

The added benefit to proper husbandry (though it also has a lot to do with the breed) is good taste. Treating an animal properly with a good diet and exercise also means that its meat tastes fuller and richer.

Trader Joe's is my go-to store, along with millions in the US, due to its great customer service and low prices on unique food items. Unfortunately, TJs fails customers who care about their own health and that of the planet by sourcing meats mostly from battery farmed animals. I kindly demand that the company begin sourcing at least 20% free-range meat options, with a goal to phase into sourcing at least 50% free-range meats. Be a leader and make the change, Trader Joe's!












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