Trader Joes Call To Action For Racial Justice

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*EDIT/UPDATE: Now that you have made a statement regarding your stance it is time to use your incredible wealth and resources to make a difference. DONATE to charitable causes. FEED hungry black people and/or protesters. ADDRESS systemic racism in your own company with educational training and policy revisions. 

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To Trader Joe's head quarters:  
This is your urgent call to action.  In regards to recent events an email was sent out from our regional vice president Shannon Curran to address your position on these issues surrounding racial inequality, which states that you are neutral to this cause. To your crew, customers, and supporters this in unacceptable. “Our neutrality does not condemn nor condone the actions of any individual or group” yet your privilege to stay silent condemns the actions of those fiercely trying to make a change. This is not a radical side to take, nor a political one. This is a position of commensurate human rights for everyone. Human lives are at stake, human lives that work for your company and shop in your stores.  
Most literature surrounding your brand loves to claim that Trader Joe's is a neighborhood store and is about more than just groceries. However this email directly states that “we elect to remain neutral and stick to what we know, selling groceries”. Trader Joe's is more than groceries. The first of your 7 core values is integrity, we challenge you to the utmost integrity and stand up for what is just and right. Stand up and speak out for your neighborhood with a voice and a platform that could reach millions. That could make a difference for our neighborhood.  
Staying neutral does not release you from responsibility and pressure. It’s making an active choice to let racism go unopposed. It makes you complicit and culpable. To be silent is to be colluded and an act of betrayal to every person of color. Does that sound very integrative to you? As one of your own we, and many others, implore you to take a stand. Many other large corporations have stepped forward in these agitating times to take a stand. Facebook has donated $10 million dollars as well as weigh ins from Twitter, Nike, Netflix, and Disney, plus many other small and large businesses. The time to stand up for what is right for humanity, and every neighborhood is now.  
We beseech you to affirm the lives of black people, affirm their humanity. Grapple for their liberation. What side of history do you want to be on? Black lives matter. Their voice matters. Your voice matters and it is up to you to be loud and use your stage for their amplification, or your silence for your own denunciation.