Bring Trader Joe's to Kent Island!

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Please help bring Trader Joe's to Kent Island! As the Kent Island community has grown in population and diversity over the past decade, our grocery store options have remained limited. Many people are driving to Annapolis for better selection, spending extra gas money, putting mileage on their cars and adding to the Bay Bridge traffic. 

There are several vacant buildings available on Kent Island that would be perfect for Trader Joe's to put a new store in. Now that Starbucks has demonstrated the capability of the area to successfully support more upscale consumer goods locations, we want to petition Trader Joe's to consider opening a store on Kent Island. Residents of Kent Island want more healthy grocery store options. 

The Annapolis Trader Joe's location is becoming too crowded, and a Kent Island store would relieve some of the overcrowding of that store as well as provide a much needed and desired grocery store choice for Kent Island residents. It is likely that a Kent Island Trader Joes would also draw in shoppers from areas further east, (Centerville and Easton) and further west (Arnold) providing a customer boost to other businesses on Kent Island as well. 

Please sign today!