Petition Update

Trader Joe's Update

Jaimee Gleisner
Urbana, IL

Jun 8, 2012 — Thank you for signing the petition to help bring a TJ's to CU! We have reached 400+ signatures today, but I think we need a lot more to impress Trader Joe's and this number is rising very slowly now.

Did everyone in your household sign, too? Your neighbors? Co-workers? Friends and family?

If you haven't already, please pass the link on to anyone you think is interested and post to FaceBook. If you belong to local listservs and if you can think of other media such as newsletters, newspapers, neighborhood associations, and blogs in your area, please take just a minute to post the link. While I have reached out to as many sites as I can think of in CU, I'm sure there are many more, especially in surrounding cities. UIUC and Parkland students... please get the word around campus!

Thank you for posting! Let's keep the number rising so TJ's can see how serious we are!